Edged Weapon Accouterments of Germany 1800 - 1945

Edged Weapon Accouterments of Germany 1800 - 1945
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Edged Weapon Accouterments of Germany 1800 - 1945
154 pages
b&w and color photos
Hard cover
28 x 22 cm
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Covering the Imperial, Weimar and Third Reich periods, this is the most comprehensive reference ever produced on the sword Faustriemen, dagger Portepees and bayonet Troddeln of Germany. Using original military regulations and other period source material, the authors have created full-color illustrations of hundreds of knots and hangers, solving for the first time many questions about the common, as well as rare and previously unidentified pieces. Separate sections are devoted to the origins and history of the 'tassels' and 'straps', 'in wear' period photos, color plates illustrating hundreds of different models, and full color photos of over 100 examples of knots and edged weapons from some of the finest collections in the world. The 54 color plates contain 408 examples of Imperial knots and 227 Weimar and Third Reich knots and hangers, allowing you to identify almost any regulation accouterment from these periods. This beautiful volume contains a wealth of information that no collector will want to be without!