Camille Fauré - Limoges Art Deco Enamels

Camille Fauré - Limoges Art Deco Enamels
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Camille Fauré - Limoges Art Deco Enamels
279 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
31 x 25 cm
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Provides an account of the art of enameling in Limoges, France. This almost dormant art form was taken to new and daring levels of design and execution during the Art Deco period (1920-30). Its most important and prolific studio was that of Camille Fauré.
From painting street signs and billboards, Fauré moved on to enamels of the highest quality, mostly of vases. An avid clientele not only in France, but as far as Japan and Brazil welcomed his geometric and flowerform designs, with vibrant and shining colours.
The studio continued to function until 1985, mostly as a family venture under different modes. Fauré's personal life, art and studio are discussed, as well as illustrations of over 200 vases and other objects taken from museums and never-before-seen private collections worldwide.