Camaro - Five Generations of Performance

Camaro - Five Generations of Performance
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Camaro - Five Generations of Performance
348 pages
color photos
Soft cover
27 x 23 cm
1,417 kg

With the spotlight again shining on Camaro, this big book chronicles the rich history of an American muscle car era icon. This is the full story of Camaro's forty-plus years, accompanied by fabulous photographs of the models that made history. Beginning with Chevrolet's race to capture the emerging youth market in the 1960s, the book follows Chevrolet's efforts to devise a car that would out-muscle the Mustang. The Camaro was that car, and in the years after its 1967 introduction, it set some of the most important performance marks in American automotive history. From the classics of the muscle-car era like the RS, SS, Z/28, and IROC-Z to the models that jumpstarted a new era of American performance in the 1980s, all of Camaro's greatest hits are detailed in this extraordinary book. In flashing color and fine detail, Camaro captures the innovations and fierce competition as well as the changes in style and technology that make the story of this legendary car a part of the American automotive story.

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