Art-Deco and other Figures

Becquerel, Bouraine, Chiparus, Colinet, Gerdago, Godard, Lorenzl, Moreau, Poertzel, Preiss, Zach ...

Art-Deco and other Figures
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400 pages
97 color + 1000 B&W photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
28 x 22 cm

This important book, now available in a revised edition, contains the most complete range of art deco figures ever published. It is based partly on the original importers' catalogues and partly on the wide range of pieces handled by the author Bryan Catley - the leading specialist in the subject. Between the wars an entirely 'modern' style of decorative sculpture emerged which was a complete break with the heavy romantic late nineteenth century schools, and was totally in sympathy with the vibrant young society of the 1920s. The use of bronze and ivory for a great number of these sensual figures in no way obscures the fact that many are of exceptionally high quality; add to this their sense of movement and rhythm and one realises that the large sums they now command is a reflection of a discriminative international collectors' market. This new revised edition provides a comprehensive listing of the great variety and range of figures, of which there are still more to be found.