Antonov AN-2 Annushka, Maid of All Work

Antonov AN-2 Annushka, Maid of All Work
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Antonov AN-2 Annushka, Maid of All Work
127 pages
b&w and some color photos
Soft cover
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Initially criticized as 'obsolete at the moment of birth' due to its biplane layout, this aircraft has put the skeptics to shame. It may lack the glamour of the fast jets, but it has proved itself time and time again as an indispensable and long-serving workhorse. In terms of longevity and sheer numbers built, the Annushka (Annie), as the An-2 was affectionately known, has few parallels. Indeed, limited production of this aircraft which first flew in 1947 still continues in China and Poland. The An-2 is a very robust and easy-to-fly aircraft. This and its excellent field performance (thanks to the 'obsolete biplane layout'!) have made it an ideal aircraft for utility operations from tiny semi-prepared strips, a fact which many air forces, the type has been operated by more than 40 nations, have put to good use. The An-2 is experiencing a revival now. In the mid-1970s the Antonov Design Bureau brought out the An-3, a turboprop-engined version of the Annushka. After nearly 20 years 'on ice', this design has been given a new lease of life as an upgrade program. This makes the An-2 the only biplane transport which remained in service long enough to pass into the 21st century!