Ocean Liner Posters

Ocean Liner Posters
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Ocean Liner Posters
199 pages
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Ocean Liner Posters tells the story of shipping companies and their ships through the art they produced - their posters. For a century, ocean liners were the only way to travel from one continent to another. Millions of passengers travelled on transatlantic routes: millionaires, occupying luxurious suites with dream decors, signed by the best artists of the time, and emigrants in search of a future, meagre savings in hand, huddled in third class - all sharing their journeys with tourists, soldiers and traders on the largest form of transportation ever built.

This book charts the evolution of ocean liner posters from the first ship poster reproductions of the latter part of the nineteenth century, when the vessel's image appeared alongside information about the routes taken, through the Art Nouveau era, when the image of the ship began to take a key role in terms of visual importance. The Art Deco period allowed masters of poster art such as Adolphe Mouron Cassandre to create enduring works for the likes of Normandie or the Atlantique. The book continues tracing the timeline of these posters, through the postwar period until the demise of transatlantic routes, through to the sixties, which saw the poster being modernised.

The Second Half of the Nineteenth Century: The Birth of Maritime Companies
The Beginning of the Twentieth Century: The Early Giants of the Sea
The Twenties: The Rebirth of Maritime Transport
The Thirties: The Great Age of Ocean Liners
From the Post-War Era to the Sixties: The Decline and End