First Ladies of the Poster - The Gold Collection

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First Ladies of the Poster - The Gold Collection
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First Ladies of the Poster - The Gold Collection
148 pages
color photos
Soft cover
28 x 22 cm
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Nowhere are we given a more profound glimpse into the dawning stages of women's emancipation than in turn-of-the-century posters.

In this revealing bookwith 206 full-color posterswe are presented with women stepping out of the confining traditional roles which they were cast and excercising their new-found liberation. We see them taking to the roads on bicycles, getting behind the wheel of automobiles, hoisting an aperatif, attending a ball unescortedand we are provided with glimpses into women's burgeoning, nascent sexual freedom.

This volume features all the top artists of the period: Toulouse-Lautrec, Bonnard, Grasset, Chret, Mucha, De Feure, Cappiello, Steinlen, Grn, Pal, Bradley, Penfield and others. These lively images not only reflected their time, but did much to inspire this new-found freedom.

The Gold Collection brings us the finest works from that time when posters were all the rage. It is awash with splendid images and vibrant colors, a window into a bygone era where a world of possibilities was just beginning to reveal itself to the women who craved an expanded role in society.