Peep Show Pinups - The Golden Era

Peep Show Pinups - The Golden Era
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Peep Show Pinups - The Golden Era
159 pages
b&w photos
Hard cover
24 x 31 cm
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Peep Show Pinups celebrates the history of erotic, sexually-charged photographs of women, pioneered in France but spreading through Europe and across to North America, from the 1840s until the 1930s. It offers sketches of the studios, the photographers, the models, and captures the costumes, sets, and props. This book follows the technological evolution in the medium from the fragile daguerreotype to the first printed cabinet cards and the mass market saucy postcards. It explains the experiments that allowed the introduction of color and the illusion of three dimensions and movement into the medium, and the shifting balance between the demands of the market and the strictures of the law.