Harmony - The People’s Guitar 1945–1975

Harmony - The People’s Guitar 1945–1975
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Harmony - The People's Guitar 1945-1975
175 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
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The American made instruments from The Harmony Guitar Company receive long overdue recognition and credit in this volume through detailed text, color photographs, and catalog information. Produced between 1945 and 1975, many musicians, both amateur and professional, began their musical experiences playing Harmony guitars. Rockets, Stratotones, Rebels, Sovereigns, and Stellas are examples included in this book with specific model information and catalog reprints, along with detailed photos. Basses and the other Harmony instruments are also represented. Well known players such as Keith Richards, Jimmy Page, and Dave Davies have had experiences with Harmony guitars, which are shared in this book. Read about the guitars that Harmony fans have come to love. See how Harmony grew to be one of the most prolific manufacturers of guitars in this country before their fall from grace in the mid-1970s.