Genuine Plastic Radios of the Mid-Century, with price guide

Admiral, Alco, Belmont, Bendix, Delco, Detrola, Emerson, Firestone, Motorola, Philco, RCA, Zenith ..

Genuine Plastic Radios of the Mid-Century, with price guide
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208 pages
439 color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
22 x 29 cm

Mid-twentieth century table radios made primarily of brightly colored plastic represent a relative newcomer to the radio collecting arena. With designs that often resembled contemporary automobile grille and headlight configurations, these affordable radios were made by the major electronics companies as well as dozens of others with lesser known names. These examples of American industrial design and popular culture were once plentiful, and today they can be found at flea markets, garage and house sales, secondhand stores, and "antique" shops specializing in modern design. Colorful and collectible, mid-century table radios are both available and affordable. With more than 430 full color photographs of radios, plus advertisements and black and white vintage photos, this pioneering book is a must for anyone interested in radios, mid-century industrial design, or popular culture.