Hot Wheels Variations - 2000-2013

Identification & Price Guide

Hot Wheels Variations - 2000-2013
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Hot Wheels Variations - 2000-2013 - Identification & Price Guide
399 pages
Color photos
Soft cover
28 x 21 cm
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Featuring more than 5,000 insanely detailed listings, 3,000 color images, and expertly vetted values, Hot Wheels Variations, 2000-2013, is the largest and most comprehensive identification and price guide available covering the modern era of Hot Wheels cars.

The devil--and the value--is in the detail. And no one knows more about Hot Wheels variations than author Michael Zarnock, a two-time Guinness world record holder for the greatest number of different Hot Wheels cars in a single collection. Zarnock, who has been collecting Hot Wheels cars since their introduction in 1968, creates the ideal, easy-to-use reference.

Collector-friendly features include:
* More than 5,000 listings of cars with meticulous details making for exact variation determination.
* More than 3,000 color photographs arranged in numerical order, making it fun and easy to identify cars.
* Expert insight and exhaustive compilation from the leading authority on Hot Wheels variations in the world.