Voices from the Battle of the Bulge

Voices from the Battle of the Bulge
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Battle of The Bulge
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The third book in the "Voices From" series features incredible first-hand accounts of the Ardennes offensive of December 1944. The Battle of the Bulge was Hitler's last chance to turn back the Allied invasion of France, which had started with D-Day. Hitler?s ambitious plans to force two Panzer armies through to take the vital port of Antwerp, separating the British and American forces could have resulted in a second Dunkrik. This would have bought him time to launch a full-scale assault on Britain with his "miracle weapons".
A wide selection of contemporary voices, from diaries, letters, archives and eye witness accounts from all sides of the battle bring history to life. Collected here are the voices of soldiers, next to the formidable narratives of General Eisenhower, General Montgomery and Adolf Hitler, as well as the recollections of the civilians who stood witness to this piece of history.