Head Dress of Imperial Germany 1880-1916

Head Dress of Imperial Germany 1880-1916
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Head Dress of Imperial Germany 1880-1916
200 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
31 x 24 cm
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This book is a compilation of helmets collected over the past thirty years, and is intended as an illustrated reference source on the elaborate head dress of the Imperial German Army from 1880-1916. Displaying many rare helmets in full color, large format photographs, the book covers most branches within the army and is organized in alphabetic order beginning with the artillery units, moving through the various cavalry (hussars, dragoons, currasiers) and infantry units, and ending with uhlans - a superb cross section of all the different head dress types. Head dress of the large states like Prussia, Bavaria, Wrttemburg, and Saxony are well represented, and in addition, smaller states like Hesse, Lubeck, Hamburg and the Saxon duchies can also be found. Other sections are devoted to the helmets of the generals and their staffs, with another showing six examples of the different ranks and models of the rare Garde du Korps helmets. This book is a beautiful, highly detailed source for collectors.