Cast Iron from Central Europe 1800–1850

Cast Iron from Central Europe 1800–1850
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Cast Iron from Central Europe 1800-1850
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Prized for its strength and longevity, cast iron was also used in a remarkably diverse array of art and architecture projects by 19th-century European artists. Depicted in more than 300 images, the artworks here include a life-sized sculpture of Venus; hair combs and mesh handbags that anticipate art nouveau; Karl Friedrich Schinkel's ornate benches and chairs; a gilded Romanesque bust of Franz I of Austria; a bas-relief of Leonardo's Last Supper; and an inkstand replicating Napoleon's tomb, complete with a likeness of the French emperor enclosed. In addition to providing an overview of the vogue for cast iron, the text re-introduces many of the medium's foremost practitioners.