Daum Art Deco Glass

Daum Art Deco Glass
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Daum Art Deco Glass - A Private Collection
248 pages
Magnificent color photos
Hard cover
30 x 24 cm
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Daum art deco glass, a private collection is a book about Leo en Irina Esterkin's collection. Their selection of Daum art deco glass is impressive, and provides a beautiful example of what Daum produced between 1910 and 1940. Everything is here: the transitional years from art nouveau to art deco, as well as Daum's search for a new style, which culminated in deeply etched vases with geometric decoration and in the later years with the blown vases in crystal. The Esterkin collection is unique in the world thanks to its completeness and the fact that it contains many rare pieces.
It was with great pleasure that I received the invitation to document the Daum collection of Mr and Mrs Esterkin. I was able to hold in my hand Daum vases the like of which can normally only be seen in a museum, to examine them from all angles and to photograph them.
The collection is an illustration of Daum's search for the 'art deco' line. From colourful jade glass to enamelled vases covered in geometric flowers; from vases skilfully cut by hand or deeply etched using acid to the later clear green and yellow glass with only one simple etched layer. All of these are examples of Daum's experiments from the period between 1910 and 1940, and it is this completeness that makes the collection so unique.