Miller's Late Georgian to Edwardian Furniture

Miller's Late Georgian to Edwardian Furniture
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Miller's Late Georgian to Edwardian Furniture
400 pages
color and b&w photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
28 x 17 cm
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This guide lists furniture arranged by type and use - tables, seating furniture, desks and so on - and each section contains fact boxes with practical information on individual items and guidance on changing design features during the period. There is an illustrated key to recognizing different woods, from native varieties such a pine, sycamore and birch to imported species such as mahogany, kingwood and tulipwood. Special features include children's furniture; details and decoration of furniture; and how to care for your furniture, with tips on how to restore damaged and discoloured wood. There is also a directory of specialists and a glossary of terms.

Providing a much-needed reference for collectors, this guide features items from the Late Georgian to Edwardian period. Four thousand entries are illustrated and described, with over 500 illustrations in color.