René Lalique - Bijoux d'exception 1890-1912

René Lalique - Bijoux d'exception 1890-1912
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René Lalique - Bijoux d'exception 1890-1912
285 pages
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The innovative genius of French artist René Lalique (1860-1945) is fully explored and documented in this volume which features one hundred and fifty objects created by the master jeweller Symbols of the very idea of art nouveau, René Lalique's creations did not limit themselves simply to effecting a stylistic renewal of jewellery. Indeed, Lalique developed a unique form of art somewhere between applied arts, poetry, painting and literature. This volume highlights the technical and poetic contribution of Lalique through a comparison with the creations of such contemporaries and examines Lalique's creative process, through the presentation of a selection of decorative works that inspired him, photographs taken by him, preparatory sketches and life-size studies preceding the creation of a jewel. The authors also contextualise the work as regards the creative arts of the time (theatre, literature, music, the glass industry) and the special relationship Lalique had with some of his contemporaries, such as actress Sarah Bernhardt. Through 150 creations - jewellery, glassware, accessories, paintings, photopgraphs, designs for clothes - and authoritative essays, this monograph will illuminate the full range of this ingenous craftsman.