Crazy Gifts

Crazy Gifts
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Crazy Gifts
189 pages
Color photos
Soft cover
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It gets harder every year. Finding something new and unusual for that close friend's birthday, or searching out an original present for a dear old uncle (surely, not socks again). You want to give them something different; you want to surprise them with something individual and interesting.
Crazy Gifts could be your salvation. It's an inspirational sourcebook for present givers, designers and style-conscious consumers, packed with fantastic gift ideas, from the practical (think self-heating baby's bottle) to the cutely quirky (pop art toaster anyone?) and downright clever (how about a swimming mask that shoots video?).
Sections on kitchen gifts, well-being, games, gadgets, home, techno and fashion contribute to an indispensable compendium of new 'stuff'. Some gifts, like the snake-shaped LED bench, stand out for their design qualities, whilst others, such as the massaging head spa that relieves the symptoms of migraine, have proven health benefits.
Website listings guide you through to the right stockists for each of the almost 200 featured items, whilst the Crazy Gifts' multiple indexing system allows you to search for a gift by genre, recipient, occasion or price.