The Handbook of Chinese Snuff Bottles - Price Guide

Snuff Bottles in Stone, Glass, Enameled, Porcelain, Inside Painted Bottles ......

The Handbook of Chinese Snuff Bottles - Price Guide
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The Handbook of Chinese Snuff Bottles
158 pages
color photos
Hard cover
23,50 x 16 cm
0,695 kg

This eye-popping book clearly and visually explores the history, types, and value ranges of Chinese snuff bottles from the 17th century to the present as no other book has. It concentrates mostly on affordable examples and explains how these can be just as important as their more expensive cousins. These small pretty objects are a reflection of the popularity of snuffing tobacco, particularly in the 17th and 18th centuries. Today, the bottles are avidly collected for their beauty, variety, and high level of craftsmanship. Here, 340 diverse bottles of stone, glass, enamels, porcelain, and other materials are shown in beautiful color photographs. Once you have read the book, you'll want to touch the bottles; and once you've touched them, you'll want to own some. The problem then will be when to stop, if ever.