Samurai Weapons - Tools of the Warrior

Samurai Weapons - Tools of the Warrior
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Samurai Weapons - Tools of the Warrior
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While the samurai is well known as the military nobility of medieval Japan, their range of weapons, which went far beyond the katana, bow, and spear, is lesser known. For instance, some weapons, like the tesson, or iron fan, were used in secret where samurai swords were not allowed. Others were improvised, with warriors using whatever fighting tool was at hand. In Samurai Weapons, readers will follow the story of Zenigata Heiji, among others, who developed an uncanny ability to use heavy coins as dangerous weapons by throwing them like bullets.

Chapters cover such rich details as:
* Japanese martial arts culture
* Hidden weapons
* Sensu, truncheons, and polearms

Learn how and why samurai weapons included not only the sword of popular lore but also a variety of others. Cunningham describes the society of Japan, how the samurai class arose, and the place in society that samurai held through the centuries, focusing in particular on the various weaponry they used, how they used it, and why. Samurai Weapons highlights how these weapons and fighting styles have influenced various schools of Japanese martial arts.