Sculpture of Les Animaliers 1900-1950

Sculpture of Les Animaliers 1900-1950
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Sculpture of Les Animaliers 1900-1950
375 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
31 x 24 cm
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The first half of the twentieth century marked the heyday of animal sculpture throughout Europe. This comprehensive survey showcases the work of forty artists at the forefront of the 'Les Animaliers' movement between 1900 and 1950. Drawing on the rich archive of the Sladmore Gallery, with over 350 colour photographs, individual biographies and two informative essays, this book contains a wealth of information for both established collectors and those new to the subject. It is a companion volume to Jane Horswell's pioneering Bronze Sculpture of Les Animaliers, which covered the nineteenth century and was published over 50 years ago.