Bernar Venet Performances, etc. 1961-2006

Bernar Venet Performances, etc. 1961-2006
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Bernar Venet Performances, etc. 1961-2006
242 pages
Color and b&w photos
Hard cover
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If it is not surprising how many mediums Bernar Venet has worked in, from sculpture to painting to photography to sound to furniture, it is surprising how many he has used in performance. From the first moments of "Performance dans les detritus" in 1961 through sound compositions corresponding to and implicating his visual work, to a ballet for which he wrote the music, created the choreography and designed both the set and costumes, Venet has been omnivorous, recording mathematical poems on vinyl, the engines of the Concorde on CD and finally the sounds of the creation of his own sculpture. In 2004, Venet had three simultaneous solo shows in New York City, two at the Robert Miller and Jim Kempner galleries and a third along the Park Avenue Mall, where his large-scale Indeterminate Line pieces were installed.