Classic Perfume Advertising: 1920-1970

Anjou, Caron, Ciro, Mary Dunhill, Fioret, Evyan, Lanvin, Lentheric, Jean Patou, Roger & Gallet .....

Classic Perfume Advertising: 1920-1970
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Classic Perfume Advertising: 1920-1970
192 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
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Someone once said, "There is nothing new under the sun only new ways to do things." This could be the anthem of the agencies that produced the advertisements shown in this exciting new book. Perfume magazine ads not only tell the story of the brand, they are on the resumés of many of the world's most famous fine artists. The images shown here represent great perfume houses at the height of their marketing prowess: Guerlain, Schiaparelli, Caron, Lentheric, Hattie Carnegie, Lanvin, Houbigant, and more. To make their brands unforgettable they hired the most creative talents available, including Andy Warhol, Dugo, Vladimir Bobrtsy (aka bobri), and fabulous photographers like Irving Penn and Edward Jacobson. These talents artists thrived in the fast paced, very lucrative perfume industry. For the perfume bottle collector, advertising historian, and those active in graphic arts, this beautiful book has over 370 magnificent images, in full color, that are responsible for the sale of millions of dollars worth of fragrance through the years.